2 Mile Walk


Today was an easy 2 mile walk, although technically speaking, nothing is easy with an 8 month old baby. We spent most of the day after church at my husband’s (Mike) cousins house watching various football games and knew we needed to squeeze our 2 mile walk in for the 10k we’re training for. We took advantage that the baby needed to nap, put her in the Ergo and off we went to walk around his neighborhood.

Walking today, we talked about so much from things we were looking forward to about our new house, to reminiscing over memories of our 5 years together. I never thought running would be something that would bring us closer, but it has in more ways than I could have originally imagined. We’ve talked more, laughed more, and shared more, and it feels now like we have just one more thing in common and one more goal to accomplish together.

I would say I’ve definitely caught the running bug, and look forward to each day, each run, and each moment we get to share it all together as a family.

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