3 Mile Walk (& seriously…toe nails?)

Screenshot 2014-09-15 at 3.39.02 PM

On the list of “things no one warned me about running”, today I can add “Make sure to keep your toe nails short”. Who knew foot maintenance would be SO important?! Hello. I guess I should have figured a sport revolving around my feet would have, but I honestly did not pay any mind to it. My nails were just a tad long, and by the end of today’s 3 mile walk (at 12 noon, who’s bright idea was that? Ugh) it felt like I was walking on Ginsu Knives the entire way home. Not a fun way to end it, but at least I didn’t give myself any blisters. If I had, I definitely would have been mad at myself.

Yesterday’s little 2 mile walk in my Converse Chucks with no socks gave me a blister on my heel, so I decided to do today’s walk in my Nike Shox since they have more cushion than my Brooks running sneakers, and I really felt good. It amazes me how we knock down 1 and 2 miles without thinking twice now. I told Mike how proud I am of myself, and how much stronger I feel like I’m getting. I am really enjoying learning to run.

As a treat, we ended our walk in a little shopping plaza near our house where there’s a Sports Authority. Now that I’m feeling more athletic, that place is like a candy store. So many cool things I wanted, but SO overpriced.. Why is that?! The price of running stuff makes me want to cry. So we went next door to Ross, where the same type of items were at about a 50% discount. Obviously, not as much selection, but much easier on my wallet. We didn’t take our wallets, so no shopping for me today. Soon though. I’m convinced part of my joy of running is the gear. Who cares right? Running is running.

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