Cross Training


Today is my cross training day. I’ve also become sort of a yoga addict during my journey to fitness, but there’s not a yoga class I can go to on Wednesdays so I’ll have to use either my phone or YouTube videos to sneak in a little yoga workout. Yoga feels AMAZING to stretch, focus, and center my energy. I’ve also gotten used to walking around everywhere in our area since we’ve only got one car right now, so I count walking as part of my training too, if that’s allowed.

A few things I feel I need to do better at is prepare better meals and snacks and also drink way more water. I want to learn to cook healthier meals for us, do better groceries and not waste as much food when we do buy vegetables. After my last fiasco trying to run the morning after pigging out on fried boneless buffalo wings (no success), I don’t plan on eating junk anymore unless it’s the night before my rest day and I’m eating my “cheat” meal. I just have to be careful my cheat meal doesn’t turn into a cheat day or week, lol.

Update: I ended up doing my cross training a different way.. LOL.. I had to walk to Joann Fabrics to pick up materials to make my own tutu for the 10K with the baby in the Ergo on my back. Basically I hiked 1.75 miles with a 20lb medicine ball.

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