4 Miles. Fastest Mile. Knee Pain. Annoyed.

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I ran my fastest mile yesterday by nearly a minute! I ran an 11:27 mile during my 4 mile run/walk, and my fastest 5K in 43 minutes. I hustled on purpose knowing I wanted to run my best mile and improve my time on each run. Now I can’t help but wonder if I pushed it a little too hard. My knee was giving me little twinges the last 2 days (since Tuesday) and I was hoping my rest days Wednesday and Thursday would help it go away. It did help somewhat, but during my run it was definitely bothering me. I hope it’s nothing. Mike says if I can put pressure on it, it’s not too bad. I can put pressure on it, but the pain is when I move it, so I’m trying to move gingerly so it doesn’t get too stiff or too injured. The constant squatting up and down to pick up the baby isn’t doing me any favors either.

My 4 mile run felt really good, although since I was pushing myself at the end, I didn’t run the entire last mile and a half, I had to stop and walk a couple of times, but I didn’t let myself walk too much (just a few steps at a time) and then picked it back up running. My audiobook is riveting, so I look forward to listening to it each run.

I took a picture of my shoes and socks because I laughed at myself that I feel like a real runner since I don’t care how my shoes and socks look anymore when I go out. It’s all about comfort. I’ve found a sock length I like and my shoes feel comfortable, although now I wonder if I will need a shoe with more cushion than my Brooks so my knees and ankles don’t take such a pounding.


I’m mildly annoyed today because my Garmin running watch isn’t syncing to the app (and thus uploading online). It was working just fine before, and I switched phones, and now all of a sudden no more uploading. ::sigh:: I guess there are worse things to be annoyed about, but I really like uploading the map/times with each post.

I’ve started my Indiegogo Campaign to raise money for the Disney Princess Half Marathon and 10K, you can check out this post for more information on how to support me!

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