No 5.5 Mile Run. Injured.

So… Today should have been a 5.5 Mile Run. Our long run which I was really looking forward to. My mom even offered to watch the baby for us and about 5 steps into a light jog, I knew 5.5 miles was not happening.

I was so upset walking back home but Mike thinks this is a good thing. I have a really sore knee, the inside of my shin bone under my kneecap is very very sore.  I can still put weight on it but the actual walking around is what hurts. It’s also a little swollen. See photo.


I have a feeling it’s tendinitis and I pray it’s something that will go away after a few days rest.  I’m really upset… I was in such a good groove. I wanted to walk the 5 miles today but Mike talked some sense into me and I really don’t want to injure myself further or take longer to heal. In the meantime I will be doing some core strength workouts and leg workouts since I read knee injuries can be caused by weak leg and hip muscles. 

Until then,  I’ll keep sulking.

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