So. Much. Happened.

I feel badly about abandoning this blog, but I’m happy to be back. Kind of the same feeling you get when you see an old high school friend again and it’s as if very little time has passed and everything comes rushing back. So much has happened since I’ve last written.

I felt like quitting and not running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Between injuries and being a mom, closing on our first home, and life in general, I let my lazy tendencies get the best of me and I stopped training. I am not ashamed to admit it because it’s really not what happened to us that matters, but how we bounce back.

I knew I had disappointed my husband, who so badly wanted me to train well for the races, and so I decided I wasn’t going to let him or any of my fundraising contributors down by skipping out on the race, so this past weekend, off we went to Orlando.

I knew I could finish the races, I was completely determined to. The only part that kind of sucked was seeing how many friends were there, and how I really would have loved to be running it with Mike, but he was back in our hotel room snuggled up with our baby while I was running in 40 something degree weather.

I finished the 10k and Half Marathon, so I can now say I completed the Glass Slipper Challenge. It was amazing and I can’t wait to get back on the training wagon and run another race. I completed it doing 1:1 intervals at my own pace, and averaged somewhere between 14:30 and 15 minute miles, ridiculously slow, I know but hey, at this point I was just focusing on finishing, not time. We all gotta start somewhere and I think I can only go up from here!


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