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7 Miles. At A Themepark!

Did you ever wonder how much you actually walk during a day at a Theme Park? Well, I finally took my running watch and wanted to find out. While it may not be exact, I think it’s pretty darn close. The answer is: 7 miles! And the pace wasn’t too bad either, if I do say so myself. I had no idea it would be that much, I thought around 4-5 miles, but nope. And we didn’t walk that much since we had the babies. If we’d been just adults, we’d have probably walked a lot more.


My hubs and I got a chance to go to Universal Studios Orlando on Friday, and it was awesome.


We got to unwind, and a much needed break, as well as some time with some old friends who came with us. Let me tell you, nothing more stressful than a 4 hour drive with 2 infants who don’t like car seats.

I got to babywear Mila around most of the park, got tons of comments about my ring sling, and it was awesome to share with people that I made it 🙂 I look forward to making more in the future.


I also wore my DIY headband, LOL and my running shoes with skinny jeans, so I was in full on “mom/comfort” mode.

We have the 10K this Sunday, and I need to get back into “training” mode.. No more eating junk this week!

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Other Hobbies: Sewing a Softie Lamb

Even though I haven’t been running, I have kept myself busy with other hobbies. I recently scored a sewing machine on Craigslist for $20 (closer to $50 once I ordered the pedal and manual) and was super excited to try it out and do some projects.

Here she is:


She’s from the 80’s, but all metal and good construction as far as I’ve read so hopefully she lasts me through many a sewing project.

The first thing I tackled was a little stuffed lamb for my cutie pie baby. I found an adorable pattern on Dolls and Daydreams, and couldn’t wait to make it. I am a little nutso and I have to do things right when they pop into my head, so we are lucky to live in an area where Joann Fabrics is literally across the street. We have a Michaels, and a Hobby Lobby not too far too, so getting crafting supplies is always fun. Most of the time I drag my husband too, which he loves (not).

I got all my supplies ready, and got to work:


::deciding on a face/hair color combo::


Note to self when learning to use the rotary cutter: Do not touch the blade. Very sharp. I cut myself immediately.


All cut out:


Laid out:




I couldn’t wait to add a face to it to give it to the baby, and she doesn’t seem to mind that it doesn’t have a face yet. I just love her!


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2 Mile Walk


Today was an easy 2 mile walk, although technically speaking, nothing is easy with an 8 month old baby. We spent most of the day after church at my husband’s (Mike) cousins house watching various football games and knew we needed to squeeze our 2 mile walk in for the 10k we’re training for. We took advantage that the baby needed to nap, put her in the Ergo and off we went to walk around his neighborhood.

Walking today, we talked about so much from things we were looking forward to about our new house, to reminiscing over memories of our 5 years together. I never thought running would be something that would bring us closer, but it has in more ways than I could have originally imagined. We’ve talked more, laughed more, and shared more, and it feels now like we have just one more thing in common and one more goal to accomplish together.

I would say I’ve definitely caught the running bug, and look forward to each day, each run, and each moment we get to share it all together as a family.

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