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And I’m injured again.

So this morning (Sunday)  I bent over at the waist to pick up my daughter off the floor, and as I picked her up, I felt a sharp pain in my back radiating to my right hip and down my leg. It took my breath away and I had to put my daughter back on the floor and slowly ease myself back into a standing position. I’ve been in pain ever since. It hurts to put any weight on my right leg and is agony to bend forward. I’m going to try to go see a chiropractor tomorrow and am currently laying on a heating pad. 

Sign. If it’s not one thing it’s another.


Slow 3 miles.

Yesterday’s “long” run was 3 miles. I ran what felt like the slowest 3 miles ever. I was hungry, I ran smack in the hottest part of the day so it was like 80 degrees, and I just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t get in a groove and I figured I was going to have to gut the entire 3 miles out.

I know slow run days happen… I follow enough bloggers to know that, but it’s still disappointing when it happens.

We’re supposed to run another 30-45 minutes today, so let’s see how that goes.

I am completely unprepared.

My 10K is on Sunday morning and packet pickup is tomorrow. I’m feeling so unprepared and undertrained. The fact that we got rear ended yesterday in a minor car accident doesn’t help because I woke up this morning with a very stiff and sore neck. I honestly feel like I am going to simply will my way through 6 miles to make it to the ribs and beer at the end. I now know that 6 miles isn’t much in the grand scheme of distance running, but I’ve never quite ran that far, and I’m not sure how my knee is going to hold up.

I have a laundry list of regrets. Not enough running. Poor diet. Not enough nutrition or hydration. No discipline. I will take this as a learning lesson and keep chugging along and training for the Disney Princess 10k and half marathon with a renewed sense of purpose.

But first, I’ll slog through Sunday’s 10K and enjoy my ribs and beer.

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Rest Day

It’s been one of those rough mornings where I can’t decide if I want to go nap with the baby before she wakes back up or put her down and make myself an extra large cup of coffee and shovel down some breakfast.
I know.  First world problems.

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