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One hour run.

I was supposed to do 6.5 miles today but I stopped at 4.66 because of a niggling pain in my Achilles. I’m so disappointed and not sure how I can keep myself injury free.

I’m trying to stay positive and keep the faith that I am still getting stronger each run,  but my splits this run were not good. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Maybe because I was running on the track? Or because I could see our car from the track and I knew my husband was waiting for me with the baby? It feels like it’s turning into a mental battle and I’m not able to run in the carefree way I was running before I injured my knee.


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So many updates.

So I am running a lot, but writing very little. The amazing thing is I’ve managed to stay pain free. I’m trying to learn as much about running as I can to be able to train effectively.

Tonight we are meeting with a local running coach to learn some speed drills on a track. How awesome is that? I’m so glad I’m doing it now when I don’t feel like a complete beginner because at least I feel like I’ll survive the drills.

Over the last week, I feel like I’ve seen massive improvement in both my times and endurance. Now basically all my runs are 3 miles. I remember the days when 1 mile seemed crazy, lol.

One day I had to run on the treadmill and I was able to run 3 miles without stopping. My husband told me not to get too excited because running on the treadmill is easier lol. Always keeping me grounded.

I’m doing the Galloway method and feel like I’m having success. My last 2 runs have been running 2:30 walking 1 minute. I’m looking forward to increasing to 3:1.



You can see in my last 2 runs, a big improvement running the same 2:30:1.

I’ll have another post from the speed drills tonight and another post coming soon about some gear I’ve recently bought.

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Flanigan’s 10k Recap

So, I feel like a rock star! I’ve had a couple of days to recover and process that I ran a 10k. It feels like an awesome accomplishment, but also just the tip of the iceberg because I have to jump right into 10k and half marathon training for Disney in February.

So here’s my race recap  (so cool that I’m writing that after reading so many other people’s!) :

We spent the night at my brother and sister in laws the night before since she was watching the baby for us and we didn’t want to have to put her in a car seat at 5am. I know those who have babies will understand. I barely slept… Probably a combination of reasons like not being in our own bed, nerves, excitement, plus the baby still wakes at night to nurse. So when the alarm went off at 5, I was ready to get up.
I had a banana and half a bagel with peanut butter for breakfast since that seemed the safest to not upset my stomach. I normally have coffee every morning but I actually skipped it for the same reason, my sensitive stomach.
We rode to the park in the pitch dark, I was so happy it was only about 15 minutes away. We got there around 6am and it hadn’t gotten super packed yet so we were able to park close. It was freezing! Since I never get up that early, I honestly had no idea how cold the predawn hours are.

We made our way over to the main announcement pavilion and it was so cool to see runners of all ages, shapes and sizes. I was super excited to be a part of it finally. At 6:45, we got the instructions to head over to the start line and we started somewhere in the middle. I’d heard from a passerby that there were 1000 runners.

They sang the national anthem and we were off. I started my garmin and started my first race ever.

We ran the first 1.5 miles. We talked about feeling it out and see how we felt and maybe do intervals the whole time , but I wanted to run as much as I could to warm up and challenge myself. 1.5 miles was pretty good for where I have been in my training, so I was happy with that. After that we stayed doing intervals of like 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking. The miles ticked slowly away.

At about 2.5 miles, we saw the guy in first place running back already. I was floored… He was really hauling butt! After that, it was a steady trickle of people already on their way back and I had a sobering moment realizing how slow I actually am, lol. It lasted for a second then I got back to my own business of putting one foot in front of the other.

The best feeling was heading down the stretch where I could see the finish line, just knowing that was it, we had done it. The best part of the entire event was that I ran it with my husband, and that made the entire day incredibly special.

The after party was awesome too… Nothing like ribs, beer and wine at 9am!
My recovery has been easy. I haven’t been too sore and didn’t injure myself. Amazingly, my knee didn’t bother me at all. My right Achilles did start to get sore towards the very end, but I just ran through that and it’s not bothering me now.

Obviously lessons learned are to train more and maybe get some coaching on how to stay injury and pain free for the half Marathon.








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I am completely unprepared.

My 10K is on Sunday morning and packet pickup is tomorrow. I’m feeling so unprepared and undertrained. The fact that we got rear ended yesterday in a minor car accident doesn’t help because I woke up this morning with a very stiff and sore neck. I honestly feel like I am going to simply will my way through 6 miles to make it to the ribs and beer at the end. I now know that 6 miles isn’t much in the grand scheme of distance running, but I’ve never quite ran that far, and I’m not sure how my knee is going to hold up.

I have a laundry list of regrets. Not enough running. Poor diet. Not enough nutrition or hydration. No discipline. I will take this as a learning lesson and keep chugging along and training for the Disney Princess 10k and half marathon with a renewed sense of purpose.

But first, I’ll slog through Sunday’s 10K and enjoy my ribs and beer.

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I’m BACK! Friday and Saturday’s Run/Walks

Who’s back?! I’m back! I have done 2 very short runs the last few days and I feel FANTASTIC. My last run was Saturday morning, and these are my stats.





I’ve been doing run/walk intervals. Friday I did 1 minute walk, 1 minute run for 1 mile, and Saturday I did 2 minute run 1 minute walk. I’m super pleased with how I feel. My Asics felt great, I’m so happy about that.

I rested yesterday and today since I had some soreness in my shin muscles, but I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

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No 5.5 Mile Run. Injured.

So… Today should have been a 5.5 Mile Run. Our long run which I was really looking forward to. My mom even offered to watch the baby for us and about 5 steps into a light jog, I knew 5.5 miles was not happening.

I was so upset walking back home but Mike thinks this is a good thing. I have a really sore knee, the inside of my shin bone under my kneecap is very very sore.  I can still put weight on it but the actual walking around is what hurts. It’s also a little swollen. See photo.


I have a feeling it’s tendinitis and I pray it’s something that will go away after a few days rest.  I’m really upset… I was in such a good groove. I wanted to walk the 5 miles today but Mike talked some sense into me and I really don’t want to injure myself further or take longer to heal. In the meantime I will be doing some core strength workouts and leg workouts since I read knee injuries can be caused by weak leg and hip muscles. 

Until then,  I’ll keep sulking.

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4 Miles. Fastest Mile. Knee Pain. Annoyed.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.51.52 AM

I ran my fastest mile yesterday by nearly a minute! I ran an 11:27 mile during my 4 mile run/walk, and my fastest 5K in 43 minutes. I hustled on purpose knowing I wanted to run my best mile and improve my time on each run. Now I can’t help but wonder if I pushed it a little too hard. My knee was giving me little twinges the last 2 days (since Tuesday) and I was hoping my rest days Wednesday and Thursday would help it go away. It did help somewhat, but during my run it was definitely bothering me. I hope it’s nothing. Mike says if I can put pressure on it, it’s not too bad. I can put pressure on it, but the pain is when I move it, so I’m trying to move gingerly so it doesn’t get too stiff or too injured. The constant squatting up and down to pick up the baby isn’t doing me any favors either.

My 4 mile run felt really good, although since I was pushing myself at the end, I didn’t run the entire last mile and a half, I had to stop and walk a couple of times, but I didn’t let myself walk too much (just a few steps at a time) and then picked it back up running. My audiobook is riveting, so I look forward to listening to it each run.

I took a picture of my shoes and socks because I laughed at myself that I feel like a real runner since I don’t care how my shoes and socks look anymore when I go out. It’s all about comfort. I’ve found a sock length I like and my shoes feel comfortable, although now I wonder if I will need a shoe with more cushion than my Brooks so my knees and ankles don’t take such a pounding.


I’m mildly annoyed today because my Garmin running watch isn’t syncing to the app (and thus uploading online). It was working just fine before, and I switched phones, and now all of a sudden no more uploading. ::sigh:: I guess there are worse things to be annoyed about, but I really like uploading the map/times with each post.

I’ve started my Indiegogo Campaign to raise money for the Disney Princess Half Marathon and 10K, you can check out this post for more information on how to support me!

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2015 Disney Glass Slipper Challenge

I officially signed up for my first half marathon! I’m super stoked to be running the 2015 Disney Princess Half Marathon and 10K. I had to sign up through a charity partner (Children’s Miracle Network- Amazing cause!) since the race was completely sold out. That means if I don’t raise the minimum amount of $1200, I don’t race. So, with that said, would my online friends consider making a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network on my behalf?


I’m asking for a pledge of $1 per mile, so that means a total of $19.30. Your donation will go a long way to helping me reach this awesome goal of running a 10K and a Half Marathon all in the same weekend!

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5.5 Miles Run/Walk – New PRs

Screenshot 2014-09-16 at 11.39.29 PM

Today was a 5.5 Mile run/walk and I had been looking forward to it all day. I have a few “treat” things I do on my runs, and I got to go on this one alone (not easy with a baby), so I enjoyed my audiobook treat all alone. I wanted to see if I could push myself to run the entire portions of the plan, and I did! I even ran my fastest Mile so far at 12:25. I don’t think that’s too awful considering I never ran before. My goal for miles would be somewhere around the 10 minute mark. Today was also the furthest I’ve ever run, 5.53 Miles.

I had to use little bandaids on my toes (also uncomfortable) because of my little blisters, so here’s what I looked like even before I had taken one step:


I am clearly going to need those toe seperating socks because all my toes curve in towards each other. ::sigh::  On the awesome side, I was able to run 1.5 miles straight, then I walked another 1.5, then ran another 1,5 and walked the last mile around our neighborhood, and I was really in a groove feeling good. It felt awesome.  I also signed up to do the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon and 10K, the Glass Slipper Challenge, so I’ll be training for that soon too. I’ll post about it on Thursday since that’s my rest day.

Overall I’m super happy about today’s run, I must still be on that high.

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2 Mile Walk


Today was an easy 2 mile walk, although technically speaking, nothing is easy with an 8 month old baby. We spent most of the day after church at my husband’s (Mike) cousins house watching various football games and knew we needed to squeeze our 2 mile walk in for the 10k we’re training for. We took advantage that the baby needed to nap, put her in the Ergo and off we went to walk around his neighborhood.

Walking today, we talked about so much from things we were looking forward to about our new house, to reminiscing over memories of our 5 years together. I never thought running would be something that would bring us closer, but it has in more ways than I could have originally imagined. We’ve talked more, laughed more, and shared more, and it feels now like we have just one more thing in common and one more goal to accomplish together.

I would say I’ve definitely caught the running bug, and look forward to each day, each run, and each moment we get to share it all together as a family.

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