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1/2 way to Disney & 4 Miles!

Run Disney

I am SUPER excited to share that I’ve reached the halfway point in my fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network and we’re now working on my husband’s fundraiser so he can run the princess Half Marathon and 10K (Glass Slipper Challenge) with me! Hotel room is BOOKED, budget is set, Here We Come!!

If you’re interested in his fundraiser page and helping us reach our goals, check it out here: bit.ly/mikedphm

I’ve been running the Galloway method for this upcoming training 3 times a week, and have had some really awesome runs. I’m not cutting any corners because we actually want to survive running 19 miles that weekend! I am feeling so strong and loving my runs. I’ve found that I run best to Katy Perry and less fast to audio books, but I still like changing it up and doing a little of both.

Are you on Garmin Connect or Nike Plus? Add me as a friend and let’s challenge and encourage each other!

I’m here on Garmin: Lisette

and here on Nike+: Lisette

Here are my latest run stats:

Screenshot 2014-11-05 at 10.18.13 AM

I am still not running a super fast pace, but it’s not super slow either. Ok… Not sure who I’m kidding, it is pretty slow, but I’m getting stronger and able to run the same pace on a more consistent basis, so I’m ready to speed up the turnover a little! Looking forward to tomorrow’s run since the Galloway program only includes 3 runs a week. I may increase that to 4 on my own, and incorporate more cross training. My back really starts to get sore after the longer runs so I want to strengthen my core to feel more comfortable over a longer distance.

Those are my thoughts for now! Can’t wait till my next run!

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I am completely unprepared.

My 10K is on Sunday morning and packet pickup is tomorrow. I’m feeling so unprepared and undertrained. The fact that we got rear ended yesterday in a minor car accident doesn’t help because I woke up this morning with a very stiff and sore neck. I honestly feel like I am going to simply will my way through 6 miles to make it to the ribs and beer at the end. I now know that 6 miles isn’t much in the grand scheme of distance running, but I’ve never quite ran that far, and I’m not sure how my knee is going to hold up.

I have a laundry list of regrets. Not enough running. Poor diet. Not enough nutrition or hydration. No discipline. I will take this as a learning lesson and keep chugging along and training for the Disney Princess 10k and half marathon with a renewed sense of purpose.

But first, I’ll slog through Sunday’s 10K and enjoy my ribs and beer.

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I’m BACK! Friday and Saturday’s Run/Walks

Who’s back?! I’m back! I have done 2 very short runs the last few days and I feel FANTASTIC. My last run was Saturday morning, and these are my stats.





I’ve been doing run/walk intervals. Friday I did 1 minute walk, 1 minute run for 1 mile, and Saturday I did 2 minute run 1 minute walk. I’m super pleased with how I feel. My Asics felt great, I’m so happy about that.

I rested yesterday and today since I had some soreness in my shin muscles, but I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

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Still recovering.

A feverish teething baby and recovering from a knee injury makes for no running yet. I guess it’s a good thing since I should probably recover as long as possible, but I am really getting antsy to get back to training. Our 10K is coming up soon and I want to be in much better shape than I’m in right now.

I plan to get back on it by this weekend at the latest. It’s hard because we’re a 1 car family right now, so there are usually errands to run when Mike gets home, and lately he’s been working the night shift at one of his jobs, which means there’s no car around the house from 3-11pm. Not easy to adjust to, but it should be short term. Once we move, it should be much easier to walk around to places close by.

Here’s my sad baby yesterday, where she slept most of the day and I spent most of the day being mommy and carrying her.


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Tired of Resting.

Another day of soreness and no running, but some baby carrying and walking. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 3pm where hopefully she’ll rule out any serious damage. I’ll be glad if the results are just rest. I’ve spent more of today researching my pain location and possible injuries, and I’ve come up with something related to my MCL. I hope it’s not bad. I guess we’ll find out. I am not a big fan of the doctor because they charge just to tell you something needs rest most of the time, but I want to make sure I didn’t break anything since we’ve got some serious training coming up soon. All I know is I’m super anxious to get back to running, I REALLY really miss it.

Here’s a babywearing pic of us, walking in the meantime.

Screenshot 2014-09-23 at 8.03.49 PM

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Rest Day #2

I’m going antsy resting, but my knee does feel like it’s getting better. Today I’ve spent 20 minutes in a hot Epsom Salt soak and applying Arnica gel for the inflammation, and I’m not in agony every time I step on my left knee. The baby is giving be a break from carrying her all day, praise God.. And she’s seems to be staying busy with all her toys.

The extent of my walking today will be to the mailbox and back, and hopefully with yet another day’s rest, I’ll be on the road to recuperation.

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2015 Disney Glass Slipper Challenge

I officially signed up for my first half marathon! I’m super stoked to be running the 2015 Disney Princess Half Marathon and 10K. I had to sign up through a charity partner (Children’s Miracle Network- Amazing cause!) since the race was completely sold out. That means if I don’t raise the minimum amount of $1200, I don’t race. So, with that said, would my online friends consider making a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network on my behalf?


I’m asking for a pledge of $1 per mile, so that means a total of $19.30. Your donation will go a long way to helping me reach this awesome goal of running a 10K and a Half Marathon all in the same weekend!

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Cross Training


Today is my cross training day. I’ve also become sort of a yoga addict during my journey to fitness, but there’s not a yoga class I can go to on Wednesdays so I’ll have to use either my phone or YouTube videos to sneak in a little yoga workout. Yoga feels AMAZING to stretch, focus, and center my energy. I’ve also gotten used to walking around everywhere in our area since we’ve only got one car right now, so I count walking as part of my training too, if that’s allowed.

A few things I feel I need to do better at is prepare better meals and snacks and also drink way more water. I want to learn to cook healthier meals for us, do better groceries and not waste as much food when we do buy vegetables. After my last fiasco trying to run the morning after pigging out on fried boneless buffalo wings (no success), I don’t plan on eating junk anymore unless it’s the night before my rest day and I’m eating my “cheat” meal. I just have to be careful my cheat meal doesn’t turn into a cheat day or week, lol.

Update: I ended up doing my cross training a different way.. LOL.. I had to walk to Joann Fabrics to pick up materials to make my own tutu for the 10K with the baby in the Ergo on my back. Basically I hiked 1.75 miles with a 20lb medicine ball.

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5.5 Miles Run/Walk – New PRs

Screenshot 2014-09-16 at 11.39.29 PM

Today was a 5.5 Mile run/walk and I had been looking forward to it all day. I have a few “treat” things I do on my runs, and I got to go on this one alone (not easy with a baby), so I enjoyed my audiobook treat all alone. I wanted to see if I could push myself to run the entire portions of the plan, and I did! I even ran my fastest Mile so far at 12:25. I don’t think that’s too awful considering I never ran before. My goal for miles would be somewhere around the 10 minute mark. Today was also the furthest I’ve ever run, 5.53 Miles.

I had to use little bandaids on my toes (also uncomfortable) because of my little blisters, so here’s what I looked like even before I had taken one step:


I am clearly going to need those toe seperating socks because all my toes curve in towards each other. ::sigh::  On the awesome side, I was able to run 1.5 miles straight, then I walked another 1.5, then ran another 1,5 and walked the last mile around our neighborhood, and I was really in a groove feeling good. It felt awesome.  I also signed up to do the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon and 10K, the Glass Slipper Challenge, so I’ll be training for that soon too. I’ll post about it on Thursday since that’s my rest day.

Overall I’m super happy about today’s run, I must still be on that high.

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3 Mile Walk (& seriously…toe nails?)

Screenshot 2014-09-15 at 3.39.02 PM

On the list of “things no one warned me about running”, today I can add “Make sure to keep your toe nails short”. Who knew foot maintenance would be SO important?! Hello. I guess I should have figured a sport revolving around my feet would have, but I honestly did not pay any mind to it. My nails were just a tad long, and by the end of today’s 3 mile walk (at 12 noon, who’s bright idea was that? Ugh) it felt like I was walking on Ginsu Knives the entire way home. Not a fun way to end it, but at least I didn’t give myself any blisters. If I had, I definitely would have been mad at myself.

Yesterday’s little 2 mile walk in my Converse Chucks with no socks gave me a blister on my heel, so I decided to do today’s walk in my Nike Shox since they have more cushion than my Brooks running sneakers, and I really felt good. It amazes me how we knock down 1 and 2 miles without thinking twice now. I told Mike how proud I am of myself, and how much stronger I feel like I’m getting. I am really enjoying learning to run.

As a treat, we ended our walk in a little shopping plaza near our house where there’s a Sports Authority. Now that I’m feeling more athletic, that place is like a candy store. So many cool things I wanted, but SO overpriced.. Why is that?! The price of running stuff makes me want to cry. So we went next door to Ross, where the same type of items were at about a 50% discount. Obviously, not as much selection, but much easier on my wallet. We didn’t take our wallets, so no shopping for me today. Soon though. I’m convinced part of my joy of running is the gear. Who cares right? Running is running.

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